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Shotgun Gaming specializes in creating shotgun shooting games for mobile and virtual reality. Journey started already in 2009 with the original Clay Hunt for iPhone. Today, Clay Hunt is available for Meta Quest virtual reality headset as the ultimate shotgun shooting simulator!


Clay Hunt VR brings the fun of shotgun sports to your Meta Quest! Clay Hunt VR is a great training tool for all shooters but especially for beginner shooters who can learn safely in Virtual Reality. It's great for clubs and shooting teams who need indoor and offsite training in addition to real world training. Choose from international & American Skeet & Trap, Sporting Clays, Pheasant Drives, Duck Hunting and more! The game has multiplayer for up to 5 players so you can go busting clays or hunting birds together with your friends.


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Check out also our games available for iOS and Android: Clay Hunt START, Clay Hunt PRO and Duckz!